Robins 1952

The Robins Theater circa 1952

The Robins Project is a grassroots effort to restore the former Robins Theater space. The Robins has been long-identified as the catalyst to revitalize downtown Warren. We believe that as citizens, we can work with each other, the local government, businesses and nonprofits to create a vibrant center for arts and culture in our city.

The Robins Project organizers intend to mobilize the community to re-envision the former Robins Theater space and for those community members to become active participants in its rehabilitation. This development project is by the people, for the people and will become a model project within Warren and other small cities. The Robins Project organizers believe that citizens are capable of becoming change agents within society and are integral to the revitalization of their community.

Robins Stage

The Stage on February 4, 2014. Photo by Brad Kolasinski.